On a Budget? Find Discount Knitting Yarn

Use discount knitting yarn for lots of knitting projects

Discount knitting yarn simply means that the PRICE is discounted -- not the quality! It may be a clearance sale of last year's stock, or a clearing out of 'oddball' skeins of yarn, or an end-of-season sale, but the discount knitting yarn you can buy may also happen to be beautiful wool, silk or other natural fibers. Don't discount it just because it's discount knitting yarn!

Now you just need to know where to look for discount knitting yarn.

1. Online. There are probably literally hundreds of websites that offer discount knitting yarn online - and the competition is HUGE, which means YOU reap the savings! The first place to look is on the websites of all your favorite shops -- have a look at their mail order discount knitting yarn pages. Your biggest problem might be not buying too much!

Once you've checked out your favorites, you can navigate over to EBay ... and plan to stay for awhile, because there is PLENTY of discount knitting yarn here to keep you going for a very long time!

Finally, simple do a search for 'discount knitting yarn' and you'll be amazed at how many sites come up - have fun!

2. Local and regional stores.

Your own favorite local yarn store (or regional, if you live in a rural area) will probably have a big basket or bin of discount knitting yarn on a regular basis. Yarn becomes discount knitting yarn because it's the end of a dye lot or the end of a season, or maybe it just didn't sell well (but you know JUST the thing you can knit with it!)

While you're there, ask them how often they have sales of discount knitting yarn. Most yarn stores plan their sales months in advance, so you can put these dates on your calendar, and budget for them.

If you're really lucky, maybe there are several yarn stores in your area, and you can 'make the rounds,' buying up discount knitting yarn everywhere you go!

Because there are new yarns and novelty yarns being created all the time, the variety of available discount knitting yarn keeps getting bigger and better every year. If you are a budget conscious business knitter, you can reap the rewards of shopping for discount knitting yarn -- and never skimp on quality while you're at it!


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